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Time Bomb feat. Sage Francis

from by Cas One Vs Figure

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(Cas One)
I am a time bomb wired to a brain.
Throat cut choking on the sound of my name
No pain, no gain of income. Wow
Echoes in this house got them lights turned out
Words on the paper gave the skeletons mouths
And they're screaming through this motherfucking closet now
“What do you want to be when you give up?”
A grown up...hoping that they like my old stuff
Cinema for too many feelings and dealing with over filling my cup
Half-full drinking down the poison
Voyage of a hollow man living to his echoes
They don’t let me sleep so I won’t ever let go
So I deflate to inflate, no break to heart beat
Grit teeth like concrete, but I can't breathe
These are bullets to the temple built in the middle
Or brittle landscapes but I guess I’m gonna have to die some way

I’m like a time bomb ticking
You’re like a time bomb ticking
We’re like a time bomb ticking
The writing’s on the wall and the Krylon’s dripping

(Sage Francis)
There's a secret room in this house that we reserve just for ways out
A lyin’s den. And I don't hide my head inside no snake's mouth
I pull the fangs out. In an emergency.
Take the safe route then blank out during the surgery
The Surgeon General's warning me with tellings signals and caution signs
Setting off bells and whistles when I cross the line
Now it's a regular discotheque
No insurance keeps my medical shit low tech
I paid a boatload of taxes. In fact, more than my fair share
This ship will sink before I benefit from Medicare
Gotta donate the blood you squeeze from every penny saved
Either my eyes are going I've seen better days
Now Eddie Vedder plays on the mixtape she made me
“Can't Find a Better Man.” That's my jam. Thank you, baby
I take a hint like a kick to the teeth or groin
‘Til I’m left with just a fig leaf for the loins
But these flags light up the room quite nicely!
And they're keeping us warm to boot. Fuel is pricey
Dudes is dicey with their crapshoot contaminants
Then they price hike organic shit. Or, as our grandparents call it, “food”
That's it. Just “fooooood”
Now how’s about now you take a listen to us for once? Fuck youuuu
You can bend and break the laws while you twist up the facts
You can fist-fuck the ass off democracy and get back what you gave
In the name of charity as a tax return
But we ain't got tit to trade for tat, so the flags still burn
Now you know what was real, what was snuck into the deal
What’ll suck once it's your turn to get plucked up from the field
Some man's undoing will surely come to pass
'Cause a blood transfusion did him dirty in the past
Not me, I had to flee from the cast iron cage
Calm down and Take it Easy with your Mad Lion ways

I’m like a time bomb ticking
You’re like a time bomb ticking
We’re like a time bomb ticking
The writing’s on the wall and the Krylon’s dripping


from So Our Egos Don't Kill Us, released April 21, 2017



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Cas One Vs Figure Evansville, Indiana

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