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Madness feat. Bitter Stephens

from by Cas One Vs Figure

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(Cas One) The gimme gimmes get it free, give it up
Gimme gimme what I want, uh! Uh!
Got a heart like a shark and a pose like a snake
And I’m a show these goddamn fangs
Put your hand down for the hand outs, I’m a lone wolf
Leather jacket switch blade holding on a notebook,
Matchstick in his teeth
You gon’ fuck around with me and get your name whited out
I got my aim right now, you in my lane right now
And I’m a smack that motherfucking hand down
I don’t owe nobody nada, baby not a maybe
Not pay me Tuesday for a hamburger today
Okay, okay, I walked a lot of miles for the little I got
In the middle of nothing so I earned it a lot
Namaste nah namaste the fuck up on my box
And moonwalk playing hop scotch off a bridge
Shit, I did it all by my lonely
And you can’t get a goddamn thing, homie
Call me on the phone and I iggy-ignore,
Like bobweadababyitzaboy,
Everybody want a dollar for a dime
Put their hand in the cookie jar looking for a piggy bank
Figgity-fake motherfuckers on some shake and bake
Get their lane flipped over and burst in flames
Bang bang, junior, on your nuisance shit,
Want a verse? Gimme a G and your influences
I don’t give a fuck about hardly anything
And the last on the list is your feelings
Second to last is your stupid rap name
Fuck the bullshit and fuck the games
Made my way around this map on my own name
And a punk like you won’t never do the same
That’s madness

(Bitter Stephens)
Up jump the boogie rookie, you ain't lookin hard enough
Bluffin over lines like steppin on a landmine
Box cutter, Bitter came to slice a brother
Type to break ya windpipe while Skyping ya’ mother
Motherfucker, I'm starin’ at actors. You starin’ at rappers
That never have to practice
The mathematical probability of a victory is really
Some of the silliest shit that you done said to me
I D.A.R.E. to keep kids off rap
Can't even fuck with my city ‘cause these spittas is so wack, yeah
I see you out there Instagram ballin’
Never at the bar on stage goin’ all in
Where you at though? I heard him snap though
“I don't fuck with Bitter Stephens, he's an asshole
He like to hang with Cas One, cracking mad jokes
Like they God’s gift to rap and they ain't that dope”
Danger, danger, ready to blow the block up
Figure, just gimme a beat and we gon’ mop it up
From the very tip-top of the boombox
We set shop and then stop those who throw rocks
It’s utter madness, the gravel pit battler
The way I saddle up, then pillage, rape, and ravage ya’
Holy roller flowin’ over the coldest bowl of frozen Ebola
Sick with them shivers, told you, oh
You talk a good game telling white lies
Fuckin’ yellow in life and spittin black lines
But get it right because that don't go ‘round here
Motherfuck a record label, goin’ gold this year
You don't want that beef, I can see you too passive
I cut the fat out just like Ghost did Action
You come at us? Ain’t no chance in the world
‘Cause you get R.I.P.’ed like you was Bobby Brown's girl
That's madness


from So Our Egos Don't Kill Us, released April 21, 2017



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Cas One Vs Figure Evansville, Indiana

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