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Lone Wolves feat. Del The Funky Homosapien & Carnage The Executioner

from by Cas One Vs Figure

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(Del the Funky Homosapien)
Yo, it’s Sir Diesel the Funk Pimp
Mr. Figure found the enigma and tossed me a compass (here)
Good catch. This cat don’t catch hood rats
But I give ‘em game on how they should act
Now the dog that chases his own tail would be dizzy
They can miss me with the generalizing
About women ‘cause I’m insulted
You saying my momma’s a bitch? I'll slap you, you ho
Fools be thinking they're smart
Thinking their personal experience covers the charts
And got the nerve to call someone a “mangina”
When you're the biggest pussy out here that I can find around
Lie down
This is a jack move, don’t try and act cool
I’m fixin’ to slap you. You know you a bitch. Don’t ask if that’s true
Perfect example of what crack do

(Cas One)
Lone gunner wolf-man, put ‘em to the ceiling
We in the building like cough up all of your feelings
On some million-to-one, I play the odd to get even
And even if we even out, I grab my balls and I’m leaving
See me weaving through the crowd with a finger to the sky
Got my motherfuckin’ third eye playing rap suicide
Bullets in the cranium, spit is on uranium
Splitting all these atoms, take a bite up out this apple
Get up out my face and get your feet to a jog
And if you think we owe you shit? Motherfucker, hell naw
Get on up and out and don’t expect no applause
And if you think we're playing motherfucker, well, hell naw
Brought some friends along to put a boot to your jaw
And we can head bang like a chick with a bob
Dobalina pop popping up on your radar
Put a black hole in your motherfucking quasar

A few things everybody should know when you encounter me
I'm louder & no shrouder of my power to devour each
Ours towers a sour browser doubter 'til the flower flees
Pound a beat, leave it sound asleep with a flow from outer reaches
Now ya' speechless when you see what your cash can do
But you need to have a concept in mind if I'm gonna collab with you
Some hate this culture, but I change attitudes, make the planet move
Travelled through longi-latitudes & you tryin’ to battle who?!
What the current fad is, I'm never interested
Been called the best in every city I've ever visited
Vocal control is noted see it when I'm standin' next to them
Owning your soul's the bonus even if I plan to let you win
Render a trail of dead rhymers with my approach, it hurts
Often called the headliner even when I'm the opener
If it isn't the KRS the only ‘One’ be Cas
Go Figure THIS Homosapien you're not as Funky as


from So Our Egos Don't Kill Us, released April 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Cas One Vs Figure Evansville, Indiana

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