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I Should Warn You feat. Sean Little

from by Cas One Vs Figure

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(Cas One)
So I’m standing side stage all cool in the place
Arms interlaced with the fam’s embrace
When this punk emcee tried to step to my face
On some cypher shit
I’m catching my breath, I said the stage I just left
And I need a few secs just to wipe off my sweat and relax for a bit
I been on the road and it's taken its toll
So I gotta decline. But respect to you, holmes
Gave him some dap then I made a few laps
Before I made it outside to smoke a cig and relax
This fool came back wearing a backpack
Sparking some shit about how I can't rap
A matter of fact, take a few steps back
You can get your face smacked for talking like that
before you react, you better break yourself
‘Cause I stacked this deck before your hand got dealt
I should just warn you.

(Sean Little)
See I waited around just to gave him a pound
I'm finna run them jewels then I'm taking his crown
I got my mind on his money 'cause he's making it now
Finna have his spine on dunny, how i'm breaking it down
I emcee, see him? Jake is a clown
CM like a circus master and glad I could make it to town
Strange that he's famous somehow
Circumvent the circus tent say it plain and profound
This must be the sideshow. I'm the litmus, you are liable
If it's just us, quiet bro. Listen up let ya pride go
Don't crispen a suicide note, we can walk on the beach
Talk on the street. As long as you offering peace
Oh, I see you mad 'cause I'm styling on you
See ya’ family and ya’ fan and ya’ granny and ya’ man
Instagramming on the cam and they smiling on you
But 911 is what they dialing on you, so ...

(Cas): It's two thousand-whatever and you're acting brand new
You supposed to spit me a verse and I add you to the crew?
(Sean): Man I hear what you're saying. I'm saying it's true
But what happen with the rapping. I was paying my dues
(Cas): Oh you're paying them dues just by spittin some bars
Think you got it like that and this grind ain't hard?
(Sean):Grinding? You talking malice and push
Or driving around towns with your albums and goods
(Cas): I'm talking no sleep and dirty laundry, chasing dragons
Bad promoters, shitty food, and you bragging
(Sean) Bragging? You slacking. I'm just stating the truth
I keeps it 1000, wow. Go and make your move
(Cas): Man I make my moves when I'm making my moves
I leave the fights to children who got shit to prove
(Sean): Fighting? Pshhh. What you mean, throw hands?
No sir, no ma'am, I make this chopper go hammmm


from So Our Egos Don't Kill Us, released April 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Cas One Vs Figure Evansville, Indiana

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