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So Our Egos Don't Kill Us

by Cas One Vs Figure

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Known individually throughout indie-rap circles and the EDM world, long-time collaborators Cas One and Figure have made their artistic union official with their signing to Strange Famous Records under the moniker “CAS ONE Vs. FIGURE.” Their first full-length group album, “SO OUR EGOS DON’T KILL US”, dropped April 21, 2017.

These monsters of the Midwest scene hail from Evansville, Indiana, USA – not the first place on the map that leaps to mind when considering incubators for cutting-edge compositions in their respective genres, but both have managed to build cult-like followings for their individual endeavors. Cas is best known for his stellar 2013 solo LP “The Monster & The Wishing Well”, and respected by contemporaries and fans alike for his passionate performances.

In the DJ realm, Figure has built a devoted following worldwide with his signature brand of bass-heavy beats, touring the festival circuit and drawing enormous crowds that bridge the EDM and hip-hop communities. “So Our Egos Don’t Kill Us” is the masterful result of their meshed talents, melding their starkly individual styles into a complimentary blend of dense, high energy beats and bold, thoughtful wordplay.

On the first single, “Staying Gold”, Cas portrays Ponyboy Curtis of The Outsiders as one of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, while songs like "The Devil & Jacob Snider” feature soulful horn bursts piercing an atmosphere of sullen, smoky confessions. It’s an impressive juggling act between the somber and absurd, played out against a sonic landscape painted by a steady yet impressively inventive hand.

Cas One Vs. Figure are joined by a cadre of indie rap all-stars on their debut outing, including appearances by Sage Francis, B. Dolan, P.O.S., Del The Funky Homosapien, and many more.


released April 21, 2017

BEATS: Figure
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Cas One Vs Figure Evansville, Indiana

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Track Name: Walking Into The Cult
They should've killed me
I am the enemy
I am the energy
I live in infamy
I’ve got this symmetry in me that wants to end the beginning
I flip my innards like I’m center of the universe
I feel the urge to spill the curse, burn the earth
And dump the ashes in an urn
Synapsis flashing into action activate the advocate
Patchwork kid building ships in a bottle
My ships set sail when I reach rock bottom
Aw yeah, pick that poison
Pass the cup around until we all join in
We're all friends here, kid. We float on the daily.
Nobody will, nobody can, nobody try and save me
Built a cult out of a wolf made with rabies
Strange Famous ‘til they hit me with that sawed off
On some “motherfuck all y’all ‘til we all get all gone”
And I hope it ain’t long, I hope that world splits apart
So we can stick a sword through that universal heart
By the teeth of a beast, done rehearsing for the part
We pull the veins from the arteries and made the pain a part of me
To part the seas and give the oddities all of me.

This is a slow ride through a long walk with death
Where my ego's all I got left. Let’s take some steps.
Track Name: Staying Gold
When there’s no gold left, turn right, go left
A hole in that chest gets filled with an X
Marks the spot. Keep the spark on hold
Look a horse in its mouth, see if them teeth still gold
Patina on a dreamer interweaved in odd demeanor
Sucking in the ether, this eager spirit eater
Stays gold in a world full of rats, death, and mold
Halo made of brambles and a heart made of souls
I should’ve known...I shook ‘em dead up in they bones
I’m a king without a home speaking from a homemade throne
Throwing off a vibe that says I’m better off alone
Shoot an arrow at a target. Hit an angel, made a harlet
A letter made of scarlet, put it in your heart compartment
I’ll be your favorite artist spillin gold out on the canvas
How the fuck did we even manage? The earth done left us stranded
Do you feel abandoned in the poison of this planet?
I’ll never understand it so i'll make up all the ruuuuuuules
There’s a jester in the court saying point out all the foooools
Aww, fool’s gold. Pin a rose up on their nose
Smell the shit out on the roads and spit up all their old poems
Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold

When there’s no gold left, turn right, go left
A hole in that chest gets filled with an X
Marks the spot. Keep the spark on hold
Look a horse in its mouth, see if them teeth still gold

Ain’t nobody gold searching for no diamonds
Ain’t no science to the silence of this island
Lone wolf-man holding on a sack of push pins
Do that voodoo that I do to you when our world ends
Chewing on the loose ends, spitting in the rust bucket
Duckets never added to much when I be up fuckin’
Or fuckin up. Hit the pawn shop like, “Weigh the gold up”
Hold up, ghost riding on a pale pony
These other three acting like they don’t know me
Boy, I’m an OG. Trumpets, then it’s close scene
Paint it all black, bury all the flowers with it
Hang me by my throat while I sleep to sound of crickets
Hit the pearly gates like, “Motherfucker, can I kick it?”
And dangle from a gold chain made from picket fences
I never had shit so I never got sold
I had a heart of gold but that shit got stole

When there’s no gold left, turn right, go left
A hole in that chest gets filled with an X
Marks the spot. Keep the spark on hold
Look a horse in its mouth, see if them teeth still gold
Track Name: Burn It Down feat. B. Dolan
(Cas One)
When I die burn it all except for my bridges
All of it. Send me off with a fucking audience
Like adios and that’s all she wrote
Maybe I tied a rope from umbilical cords
And I walked it like a dog ‘til I got to the shore
Never choked up, never gave no fucks
‘Cause I made my luck outta having no luck
When I added it up, I subtracted some stuff
Bury me upside down
So they can all kiss my ass when they come around
Never eat from a dead man’s hand
I’m Neverland Man in a No Man’s Land
Hand on a double cross, knife in the back
Few more of that and I’m a peacock, baby
Whole world’s crazy and ain’t that funny
When you look so poor because your dreams cost money?

(B. Dolan)
Stagger out the caravan grinding on a bent rim
We show up, sucker. I’m a friend of Benjamin’s
Knocking at the stage door. Let, let, let him in
Gasoline and rags in my bag, swag, but keep it all in perspective
One man’s punchline is the next man’s death wish
The war’s really on. Is you with it or against it?
Put my body on the line and my mind on the record
Best respect it, degenerate to loops and breaks
The shit I do will make the cue points move out of place
DJ fucking up my groove ‘cause he couldn’t keep the pace
And the soundman wouldn’t understand my place
They were wildin’ backstage worried bout the PA
But when they boost my channel I’m coming to lay GRACE
Bad taste in my mouth made my face all ugly
Raised in the house like a cage around them junkies
Some say his name is a word for unlucky
But motherfuck a critic, I spit it like it was yucky
It’s riddick, I’m Vin Diesel again after the weight loss
That’s bound to happen when you never take a day off
Plotting on the payback, you grovel for the pay off
Let’s burn it to the ground and break north and stay gone
Burn ‘em
Track Name: Murder Media
Watch the world blow up while I pour a slow cup of no fucks
This is not a status update
Rate me while they rape us of the resource
Reports say we need more. Feed me, Seymour!
While these fucking Eeyore’s carve a cause in their arm
5 alarms ‘til the 5 o'clock, give a new spot to a new thought
And they rock a vote to a rocker quote
This fucker’s out of hope on the outer ropes
I need a smoke to choke that shit up out my head
Meditate on media to feel the braindead
Walkers learn to be talkers
Send ‘em offers
Tabloid and TV watchers (yuck)
Police will shoot you dead and we will argue politics
Like a tragedy deserves to learn the size of your dick
Enough to make me sick, enough to scare an epidemic
We are all hashtags and that’s just the beginning

Kill ‘em all, kill ‘em all, kill ‘em all
You're only strong as your motherfuckin’ cause
Kill ‘em all, kill ‘em all, kill ‘em all
You're only strong as your motherfuckin’ cause
Kill ‘em all, kill ‘em all, kill ‘em all
You're only strong as your motherfuckin’ cause
Kill ‘em all, kill ‘em all, kill ‘em all
Doesn’t matter what you saw, blood is splattered on the wall

A seven nation army couldnt hold the water in the bucket
Announcing Trump with trumpets
Sippin’ tea and crumpets
Motherfucking dick rubbing republicans
On that click bait, tell me how that media dick taste
While they dictate
The lower class to copy paste on that Nazi hate
Tell our women how they feel about rape
Tell our babies that the climate’s A-OK
That straight face needs a straight jacket
So what’s crackin'?
What’s the action to the tragic?
Tell me what to be and when to give a good golly fuck
Keep me looking left and right and never looking up
Headlines making lines in my forehead
Give me more dead
Murder, murder, everything you read
While they murder for the cause and hashtag the internet
Dynamite to cigarettes and blow it all to pieces
Preying on black white Jesus

Kill ‘em all, kill ‘em all, kill ‘em all
You're only strong as your motherfuckin’ cause
Kill ‘em all, kill ‘em all, kill ‘em all
You're only strong as your motherfuckin’ cause
Kill ‘em all, kill ‘em all, kill ‘em all
You're only strong as your motherfuckin’ cause
Kill ‘em all, kill ‘em all, kill ‘em all
Doesn’t matter what you saw, blood is splattered on the wall
Track Name: Lone Wolves feat. Del The Funky Homosapien & Carnage The Executioner
(Del the Funky Homosapien)
Yo, it’s Sir Diesel the Funk Pimp
Mr. Figure found the enigma and tossed me a compass (here)
Good catch. This cat don’t catch hood rats
But I give ‘em game on how they should act
Now the dog that chases his own tail would be dizzy
They can miss me with the generalizing
About women ‘cause I’m insulted
You saying my momma’s a bitch? I'll slap you, you ho
Fools be thinking they're smart
Thinking their personal experience covers the charts
And got the nerve to call someone a “mangina”
When you're the biggest pussy out here that I can find around
Lie down
This is a jack move, don’t try and act cool
I’m fixin’ to slap you. You know you a bitch. Don’t ask if that’s true
Perfect example of what crack do

(Cas One)
Lone gunner wolf-man, put ‘em to the ceiling
We in the building like cough up all of your feelings
On some million-to-one, I play the odd to get even
And even if we even out, I grab my balls and I’m leaving
See me weaving through the crowd with a finger to the sky
Got my motherfuckin’ third eye playing rap suicide
Bullets in the cranium, spit is on uranium
Splitting all these atoms, take a bite up out this apple
Get up out my face and get your feet to a jog
And if you think we owe you shit? Motherfucker, hell naw
Get on up and out and don’t expect no applause
And if you think we're playing motherfucker, well, hell naw
Brought some friends along to put a boot to your jaw
And we can head bang like a chick with a bob
Dobalina pop popping up on your radar
Put a black hole in your motherfucking quasar

A few things everybody should know when you encounter me
I'm louder & no shrouder of my power to devour each
Ours towers a sour browser doubter 'til the flower flees
Pound a beat, leave it sound asleep with a flow from outer reaches
Now ya' speechless when you see what your cash can do
But you need to have a concept in mind if I'm gonna collab with you
Some hate this culture, but I change attitudes, make the planet move
Travelled through longi-latitudes & you tryin’ to battle who?!
What the current fad is, I'm never interested
Been called the best in every city I've ever visited
Vocal control is noted see it when I'm standin' next to them
Owning your soul's the bonus even if I plan to let you win
Render a trail of dead rhymers with my approach, it hurts
Often called the headliner even when I'm the opener
If it isn't the KRS the only ‘One’ be Cas
Go Figure THIS Homosapien you're not as Funky as
Track Name: I Should Warn You feat. Sean Little
(Cas One)
So I’m standing side stage all cool in the place
Arms interlaced with the fam’s embrace
When this punk emcee tried to step to my face
On some cypher shit
I’m catching my breath, I said the stage I just left
And I need a few secs just to wipe off my sweat and relax for a bit
I been on the road and it's taken its toll
So I gotta decline. But respect to you, holmes
Gave him some dap then I made a few laps
Before I made it outside to smoke a cig and relax
This fool came back wearing a backpack
Sparking some shit about how I can't rap
A matter of fact, take a few steps back
You can get your face smacked for talking like that
before you react, you better break yourself
‘Cause I stacked this deck before your hand got dealt
I should just warn you.

(Sean Little)
See I waited around just to gave him a pound
I'm finna run them jewels then I'm taking his crown
I got my mind on his money 'cause he's making it now
Finna have his spine on dunny, how i'm breaking it down
I emcee, see him? Jake is a clown
CM like a circus master and glad I could make it to town
Strange that he's famous somehow
Circumvent the circus tent say it plain and profound
This must be the sideshow. I'm the litmus, you are liable
If it's just us, quiet bro. Listen up let ya pride go
Don't crispen a suicide note, we can walk on the beach
Talk on the street. As long as you offering peace
Oh, I see you mad 'cause I'm styling on you
See ya’ family and ya’ fan and ya’ granny and ya’ man
Instagramming on the cam and they smiling on you
But 911 is what they dialing on you, so ...

(Cas): It's two thousand-whatever and you're acting brand new
You supposed to spit me a verse and I add you to the crew?
(Sean): Man I hear what you're saying. I'm saying it's true
But what happen with the rapping. I was paying my dues
(Cas): Oh you're paying them dues just by spittin some bars
Think you got it like that and this grind ain't hard?
(Sean):Grinding? You talking malice and push
Or driving around towns with your albums and goods
(Cas): I'm talking no sleep and dirty laundry, chasing dragons
Bad promoters, shitty food, and you bragging
(Sean) Bragging? You slacking. I'm just stating the truth
I keeps it 1000, wow. Go and make your move
(Cas): Man I make my moves when I'm making my moves
I leave the fights to children who got shit to prove
(Sean): Fighting? Pshhh. What you mean, throw hands?
No sir, no ma'am, I make this chopper go hammmm
Track Name: Razor Blade Mark
Razorblade Mark was a mark ass bitch
Like, pardon my french, but listen to this
Razorblade Mark was a punk rock kid
Who carried a razor but never used the shit
Everybody knew it but they humored that boy
‘Cause he had a bad temper that filled his void
So they added “Razor Blade” to his God-given name
That made him feel cool and changed a few things
Razorblade Mark was a phoney little ginger
And bought all his records at the Urban Outfitter
Cussed in front of kids and had bad hygiene
He thought those things made him king of the scene

Everybody hates ol’ Razorblade Mark
Cause Razorblade Mark ain’t got no heart
He got no money and he talks too loud
And he lives in every goddamn city and town

Uh oh, Mark’s talking about suicide again
Brags about addiction and all the drugs he did
Got a few kids but he never brags about them
Got an anchor tattoo that says “Sink or Swim”
Never cleans his fingernails and still smokes cloves
Hits his girlfriends and doesn’t go to shows
Thinks he knows politics so he online trolls
And misspells words in Hitler quotes
Yeah, Razorblade Mark says racial slurs
Got his ass beat for it. Said, “It’s just a word!”
Punk ass herb got some goddamn nerve
You know he got a dollar but he ask to borrow yours
Yeah, Razorblade Mark never had no strategy
Eats shitty food and say he got a gluten allergy
Says it ain’t cold in the middle of December
Starts smoking weed says he’s moving to Denver

Everybody hates ol’ Razorblade Mark
Cause Razorblade Mark ain’t got no heart
He got no money and he talks too loud
And he lives in every goddamn city and town

Razorblade Mark made a name on the street
People strayed away when they saw him on the beat
Well, not outta fear but mostly annoyance
Boy is flamboyant on a self-center voyage
He never got shit but he blames it on you
‘Cause Razorblade Mark did the best he could do
And the best he could do was messing up your day
Don’t ever be like Mark and you'll be A-OK
Track Name: Madness feat. Bitter Stephens
(Cas One) The gimme gimmes get it free, give it up
Gimme gimme what I want, uh! Uh!
Got a heart like a shark and a pose like a snake
And I’m a show these goddamn fangs
Put your hand down for the hand outs, I’m a lone wolf
Leather jacket switch blade holding on a notebook,
Matchstick in his teeth
You gon’ fuck around with me and get your name whited out
I got my aim right now, you in my lane right now
And I’m a smack that motherfucking hand down
I don’t owe nobody nada, baby not a maybe
Not pay me Tuesday for a hamburger today
Okay, okay, I walked a lot of miles for the little I got
In the middle of nothing so I earned it a lot
Namaste nah namaste the fuck up on my box
And moonwalk playing hop scotch off a bridge
Shit, I did it all by my lonely
And you can’t get a goddamn thing, homie
Call me on the phone and I iggy-ignore,
Like bobweadababyitzaboy,
Everybody want a dollar for a dime
Put their hand in the cookie jar looking for a piggy bank
Figgity-fake motherfuckers on some shake and bake
Get their lane flipped over and burst in flames
Bang bang, junior, on your nuisance shit,
Want a verse? Gimme a G and your influences
I don’t give a fuck about hardly anything
And the last on the list is your feelings
Second to last is your stupid rap name
Fuck the bullshit and fuck the games
Made my way around this map on my own name
And a punk like you won’t never do the same
That’s madness

(Bitter Stephens)
Up jump the boogie rookie, you ain't lookin hard enough
Bluffin over lines like steppin on a landmine
Box cutter, Bitter came to slice a brother
Type to break ya windpipe while Skyping ya’ mother
Motherfucker, I'm starin’ at actors. You starin’ at rappers
That never have to practice
The mathematical probability of a victory is really
Some of the silliest shit that you done said to me
I D.A.R.E. to keep kids off rap
Can't even fuck with my city ‘cause these spittas is so wack, yeah
I see you out there Instagram ballin’
Never at the bar on stage goin’ all in
Where you at though? I heard him snap though
“I don't fuck with Bitter Stephens, he's an asshole
He like to hang with Cas One, cracking mad jokes
Like they God’s gift to rap and they ain't that dope”
Danger, danger, ready to blow the block up
Figure, just gimme a beat and we gon’ mop it up
From the very tip-top of the boombox
We set shop and then stop those who throw rocks
It’s utter madness, the gravel pit battler
The way I saddle up, then pillage, rape, and ravage ya’
Holy roller flowin’ over the coldest bowl of frozen Ebola
Sick with them shivers, told you, oh
You talk a good game telling white lies
Fuckin’ yellow in life and spittin black lines
But get it right because that don't go ‘round here
Motherfuck a record label, goin’ gold this year
You don't want that beef, I can see you too passive
I cut the fat out just like Ghost did Action
You come at us? Ain’t no chance in the world
‘Cause you get R.I.P.’ed like you was Bobby Brown's girl
That's madness
Track Name: Time Bomb feat. Sage Francis
(Cas One)
I am a time bomb wired to a brain.
Throat cut choking on the sound of my name
No pain, no gain of income. Wow
Echoes in this house got them lights turned out
Words on the paper gave the skeletons mouths
And they're screaming through this motherfucking closet now
“What do you want to be when you give up?”
A grown up...hoping that they like my old stuff
Cinema for too many feelings and dealing with over filling my cup
Half-full drinking down the poison
Voyage of a hollow man living to his echoes
They don’t let me sleep so I won’t ever let go
So I deflate to inflate, no break to heart beat
Grit teeth like concrete, but I can't breathe
These are bullets to the temple built in the middle
Or brittle landscapes but I guess I’m gonna have to die some way

I’m like a time bomb ticking
You’re like a time bomb ticking
We’re like a time bomb ticking
The writing’s on the wall and the Krylon’s dripping

(Sage Francis)
There's a secret room in this house that we reserve just for ways out
A lyin’s den. And I don't hide my head inside no snake's mouth
I pull the fangs out. In an emergency.
Take the safe route then blank out during the surgery
The Surgeon General's warning me with tellings signals and caution signs
Setting off bells and whistles when I cross the line
Now it's a regular discotheque
No insurance keeps my medical shit low tech
I paid a boatload of taxes. In fact, more than my fair share
This ship will sink before I benefit from Medicare
Gotta donate the blood you squeeze from every penny saved
Either my eyes are going I've seen better days
Now Eddie Vedder plays on the mixtape she made me
“Can't Find a Better Man.” That's my jam. Thank you, baby
I take a hint like a kick to the teeth or groin
‘Til I’m left with just a fig leaf for the loins
But these flags light up the room quite nicely!
And they're keeping us warm to boot. Fuel is pricey
Dudes is dicey with their crapshoot contaminants
Then they price hike organic shit. Or, as our grandparents call it, “food”
That's it. Just “fooooood”
Now how’s about now you take a listen to us for once? Fuck youuuu
You can bend and break the laws while you twist up the facts
You can fist-fuck the ass off democracy and get back what you gave
In the name of charity as a tax return
But we ain't got tit to trade for tat, so the flags still burn
Now you know what was real, what was snuck into the deal
What’ll suck once it's your turn to get plucked up from the field
Some man's undoing will surely come to pass
'Cause a blood transfusion did him dirty in the past
Not me, I had to flee from the cast iron cage
Calm down and Take it Easy with your Mad Lion ways

I’m like a time bomb ticking
You’re like a time bomb ticking
We’re like a time bomb ticking
The writing’s on the wall and the Krylon’s dripping
Track Name: The Shut Down
Get off my back, get in my lap
Get on my level, level out the playing field
Get off that donkey, give a thoroughbred the reins
Can’t pay them dues with Kickstarter campaigns
Eye of the liger setting fire to the drawbridge
The world is full of snakes so I’m just doin my shit
Bite the brick, fuck the cops and the government
I’m on a surfboard, ride my wave to the mothership
Independently Indiana and Strange
Famous to my Momma and the heads up in my city
Busy with Figgy so you can miss me with an offer
We drink a hundred beers and kick it with some monsters
Could’ve went to Oxford, settled for your aux cord
Good Lord riding piggyback in a Orc Horde
Take your whole family like a fuckin' four door
And eat your crew like an hors d'oeuvre

Get on up and out my way, I been done shut the stage down
The king came back to take his crown and take em all out
They raise their hands to raise the roof, I raise the rent
Get ‘em live, get ‘em bent, get ‘em up on my shit

I am the one son of a gun, son of the sun
Some of the sum, like half of Figure, most of the one
Live wire come back from the dead
Swimming with the sharks that got frickin’ lasers on their head
Dunk tank clown got his aim on the town
So I can ride a tank around and paint that smile into frown
See, everybody’s crooks but they'll never take my castle
Get up off my lawn and kiss the center of my asshole
La la lasso gripping adam’s apple
Bust a kickflip and slam dunk a flipping rap song
Before I put my pants on I piss greatness overload
Over cloak sneak up and overthrow the whole show
Yolo. Eat a handful or rolos and flows
You know how motherfucking hard that is, bro?
You prolly don’t you prolly won’t ‘cause I won’t ever let you
I stay chasing greatness, it won’t never catch you
Track Name: Never Stop Running feat. P.O.S.
Running from nothing with a stomach disgusted
So I gotta discuss it with the devil in my head
Yes, I’ll beat it to death while I’m burning bridges
Feel the earth start to shift, I feel the urge to dismiss
What’s the purpose of this, like I aint earning this shit?
I feel it’s breaking my ribs while I’m breaking my back
I want the time all back, I want some grace and relax
Feel there ain’t none of that, I feel it only gets harder
Feel like I’m fucking it up, I miss my son and my daughter
They miss the other type of father, doesn’t run so much farther
Wanna be so much larger, wanna feel like I’m smaller
So I’m pulling my collar, tugging back at my life
Staring back at my wife while she tells me dream
I feel the air of my screams, how arrogant it all seems
When the hair of this beast makes me feel like the me
I said i wanted to be when I would never stop running

When it all falls apart, we gonna pick it back up
I’m never giving it up, grew where the energy was
Run running out the clock while I’m running out my mind
Hook, line, and sinker, keep the boots on the line

Feet never stop but the heads gonna drop
Whether I like it or not I bleed the blood so hot
I’m never eating my words and never flying the coop
I got an anchor on my neck, I wear this bitch like a noose
Man, what the fuck you gon’ do, try and stop the pursuit?
I been running for years and never been where you aren’t
So I leave it all behind while it all falls apart
I found some art in the dark, I found some peace in the rain
Found my season in my brain and found a way to restrain
Wanted to kill all my pain, wanted a bullet to drain
Some suicide to coincide with divorce and disdain
Yeah, I’ll never stop running from the ghosts and the ghouls
And use the hurt that’s in my heart to spark the fire with fuel
I am nobody’s fool, there’s a god in my chest
I will never be less so give my skeletons keys
While I walk ‘em out the closet just to run with the breeze

‘Cause when it all falls apart, we gonna pick it back up
I’m never giving it up, grew where the energy was
Run running out the clock while I’m running out my mind
Hook, line, and sinker, keep the boots on the line
Track Name: The Devil and Jacob Snider
Give another round to the out of towner
Whiskey sours on fifty hours of no sleep
Beat the streets with long walks on short leashes
With a heart full of leeches and an arm length from Jesus
The devils, and demons, and Jacob
This garden’s for aphids and their martyr like patience
While it wears thin and shapeshifts
To destroy my old statements
When life is a basement and time is a vagrant
I’m six feet complacent and leaving it waiting
See, I’m in my head more than I’m outside
Feeling I might capsize on my down time and drown
In my drinks
So the owl does not sleep, the dreams they do fade
A pitch black parade while the world is on fire
And i ain’t inspired, no I ain’t inspired
There’s always skulls in the dollar signs of a fucking liar
When they take the hearts and shape their empires
But that’s how it goes
And i guess I’m jaded to it

The devils, and demons, and Jacob

Watching numbers became cathartic when art didn’t
This shit’s all make believe but that don’t make it any different
These pins and needles demons and see through peoples
Feeling like the world’s evil when it ain’t really though
Just empty souls spill their feelings easier ya’ know
I don’t live by a code but I do have my passwords
We waltz to the patchwork and spin it all backwards
So the threads are all bare while the heart’s on our sleeve
No blankets, no covers, no white out
Fight it out and wear bruises like bullet wounds
Bending spoons ain’t no new news but it’s all what they’re used to
It’s sugar for the medicine
Shoot the messages like messengers with bad news
Move the messenger to give messages on ouija boards
Speak swords and cut throats like you meant to
But the ink is still poison so it comes back to get you

And I guess that’s the same
And i guess I’m jaded
Track Name: Pleurisy
Hello depression, hello obsession
This decrepit friendship
Put the x's on lips
Every syllable missed
Every twist in the mix
Made me wonder who I am when I already knew
This alignment of blues made the violence confused
How the violins played out like slitting my wrists
Up the block, not across the street, to the picket fence
Where the kids sit and wish for holes patched in their ships
Friendships get missed when the fabric gets ripped
That's a tactic that sits in the attic of witch,
Smell the Liquor and vomit when she's blowing a kiss,
Cause she's cloaking her dents and not owning that shit,
That's why flowers exist and they wilt without water,
Skinny love gets thinner in a system of honor,
Antagonised the offer the fatherless daughter,
Can't see without her eyes closed inside of her monster

You know that though
Those old back roads
Don't go back home
So you sold that soul
When you rowed that boat
Yeah, stay afloat
With them lungs all water soaked

And you are too. I hope regret never finds you
I hope you’re happy, and the happiness guides you
‘Cause opposites attract to the opposite spectrum
Mirrors on mirrors, and the mirrors that reflect them
There's toxins in the oxygen lost within the options when
You opted for the obvious friend
I used to be him, I held that shit for ransom
When handsome doesn't make love feel like no anthem
And whispers get mixtures that carry tomahawks
That swing for the bleachers when they cut a level head
I want a conversation but instead I feel death
I hope you talk me off the ledge so I don't jump into bed

You know that though
Those old back roads
Don't go back home
So you sold that soul
When you rowed that boat
Yeah, stay afloat
With them lungs all water soaked

The hate all left I never thought that it would
The hurt never did but I never thought that it could
She put the misses in understood and used it like firewood,
And burnt our house down when she walked away for good,
I don't know if that's evil I just know that she's not,
Dark spots on heart knots that turned into nooses, and
When the only person you can love ran out of uses.
You wanna shut the lights out and turn off the music.
Track Name: Back Home
Two jobs and two kids, barely making rent
Feed addictions and vanity like dollars make cents
Rinse sins from the mirrored lens of the appraiser
Who needs a savior when the anger takes me from the danger
What do you wager that the payer of the way the morals layer?
Hate me in due time for a hand in the design
Animals in the mind animate a flatline
To bounce a few times and pounce on top of the climb
It’s all in your mind little phoenix, I wanna make you fly
Find the I in their eyes and set ‘em on fire to blind
All the lying and lines that put a bind to your ties
Everybody’s little sometimes, it’s what’s in them that decides
Cinema in a mind playing it all to grand design
Hand-to-God living it hand-to-mouth pantomimed
Sand in my eyes looking back at a timeline analyzed
By everyone that stands in my shoes in my line
The fire. Why are we looking for hire
When the blood, and iron, the sweat, and tears disappears in our years
And veers us off course, of course we got a little remorse
Screaming ‘til my voice is hoarse
Looking for the shore of a surefire way of making it back home
Lone in alone world of bones prone to making my own way, okay
I want a halo I can wear on first impressions
Teach lessons to those that make houses from second guesses

Little steps into little effort, lets have little talk
A little walk off steep cliffs and long thoughts
It doesn’t take much. It takes everything that you got
Like it or not it’s like that a lot, so eat while it’s hot
Am I God or finding odds that eat the thoughts that eat my head?
I guess I’ll never understand